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Mesa Verde Spruce Tree House Webcam

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National Park Service Webcam at Mesa Verde Spruce Tree House

Spruce Tree House Webcam view of the cliff dwelling, Spruce Tree House, from the back porch of the Chief Ranger's Office. Spruce Tree House may have been home to about 80 people around A.D 1250. It is one of the best-preserved sites in the park at Mesa Verde. 

Located in the Southwestern Corner of Colorado, Mesa Verde, "Green Table" in Spanish, National Park offers 4,000 known archeological sites dating back to A.D. 550.  This includes the cliff dwellings and mesa top sites of pit houses, pueblos, masonry towers, and farming structures of the Ancestral Pueblo peoples who lived there for more than 700 years. The cliff dwellings are some of the most notable and best-preserved sites in the United States. After living primarily on the mesa top for 600 years, the Ancestral Pueblo peoples began building structure under the overhanging cliffs of Mesa Verde

National Park Foundation has worked hard to preserve the important Hopi culture, whose lives are intertwined with the mysterious homes in the cliffs as well as the Pueblo people. Our programs team worked with partners to create an innovative way to preserve this culture through multimedia efforts.




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