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Welcome to Colorado Web Cam, we are pleased to provide you with live color video steams from our Web Camera video network. All cameras on this network are owned operated and supported by and its sponsors. Please thank our sponsors with your business, without them there would be no network, no live views, and no current weather. has been broadcasting live camera views since February 2003. The web site was created by Absolute Computer Design, and the site grew for 6 years with no financial support. In Jan 2009, took on its first sponsors to help with the growing costs of adding new cameras. With the support of sponsors we were able to purchase new cameras and expand the network. Sponsors contributed anywhere from $250 to $2500 per year for camera installations at their site or to place banner ads on the network.

We hope to provide cameras across every small town in Colorado. Our goals are to get live color views of the I70 corridor, and live camera views of Colorado’s western slope and high country towns. We offer current traffic, live weather conditions, current Colorado River views, and ski mountain conditions. We have cameras in Beaver Creek, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Aspen, Snowmass, Grand Junction, Redstone, and Snowy Mountain Range on the WY boarder, Blue Mesa Reservoir, and more. We want to add the following towns but need sponsors. The wanted Views are Copper Mountain, Silverthorne, Keystone, Idaho Springs, Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, and any town or view on I70 between Grand Junction and Denver.

We need and want your support and participation to make this project grow. The webcams have reached to point where they can no longer handle the number of simultaneous viewers. The results are slow camera refresh rates, and cameras going down till they are rebooted. We are in the process of writing a custom off-site video server that can relieve the workload from the web cameras. In this new video network, the viewers access the video server not the camera. This should free the cameras to provide faster views as the camera is only sending out 1 stream to the video server. Also in the new system, the camera is no impact on local network traffic. This solution is still in beta as of march 2010, and we hope to have it produced soon.

Again we need and want your support and participation. You can get involved supporting the video network by placing ad’s on our site. We can help you produce the graphics and our pricing is ultra reasonable. Email us at to talk to us about getting involved.

If you have a great location, we are interested in talking about it. As a business sponsor there are a lot of reasons to get involved by placing a camera at your location. We have a large number of Denver and High Country viewers that use our site on a daily basis. We also have a dedicated national and international viewer base. Take a picture of your view and send it to us at to have us consider your location. Your location should have high speed internet. Satellite internet cannot support live views, but can support time lapse viewing. Cable internet, DSL internet, or Wireless sites can support live viewing. The location should have power and a wired internet outlet to the camera location. In some cases the camera can be wireless but has to have power to the camera site, and be close to the internet broadcast site. The camera location will have a camera enclosure and holding arm installed to hold the web camera. Once the webcam is installed will support the camera should it require maintenance. Because the cameras are computers, they require maintenance. In our model we purchase and support the camera for a yearly fee. This relieves the task of keeping the system running from the client to us. Below you will find our current pricing.

Advertising on $500 per year will get you 4 ads on our site and link them to your website or a simulated website of your own. Search engine keywords and stats on how many views will be provided at the end of the year. Ads are placed on all related Domains, and placed on at least two cameras. COST $500 PER YEAR.

Live or Simulated Live Web Camera at your location. You provide us with INTERNET & POWER, we purchase a camera, install, maintain system should it need repair. We maximize the image quality over time for night lighting & lens changes should they be needed. COST $1000 PER YEAR + $500 advertising Total $1500 Per Year. Camera has capability to store surveillance on your site to your computer, should you want to take advantage of this it would require a computer onsite or an offsite storage service.. All images are to be shared on this offer is not available for private images. Ads on your camera are not exclusive, exclusive ads on your camera are $2500 TOTAL per year, and you can control all the ads on your camera, post as many as you wish they rotate.

If you do not have a website to link to, we provide a BASIC DOMAIN NAME HOSTING and Web Site Setup with unlimited EMAIL. We buy your domain name and host it. We setup your company email and teach you to manage it. We post a simple website at no charge, THIS IS a SIMPLE 1 PAGE SITE, it is recommended to do a professional site design at some point later. Total cost per year is $185 first domain and $100 for any additional names you choose to buy. Websites start at $500 design price.

MAJOR UPGRADE NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH IN DRUPAL 8/8/2013 and its sub-domains is a free website produced by Thomas DeVito which provides LIVE WEB CAM VIEWS free to any internet viewer. We offer three types of video streaming. High Definition High Speed Streaming service using an offsite stream server, JAVA streaming viewing the cameras directly, and a TIME LAPSE function to view previous stream pictures and support for Remote Locations that do not have good internet but still want to have a camera. All cameras are owned and operated by the Web Site and its Sponsors. There are some nice I70 Snapshots to help your drive into the mountains, a nice Colorado Photo Gallery, and more. ENJOY FOR FREE. ENJOY THE NEW FREE LIVE COLORADO WEB CAM

After months of new programming, I am happy to provide the new DRUPAL version of my Live Web Cam View Site I have been developing for over a decade. The new website includes a new High Definition High Speed Offsite Streaming solution that includes sound. Currently there are five cameras using this solution, they are the two Glenwood Springs Kayak Cameras, two Aspen Mountain and Gondola Cameras, and the new High Definition Bird Camera in Marble Colorado.

You will notice these new high speed streams refresh at about 15 frames per second 30 frames is the max frame rate of the cameras. The stream speed and picture quality has to be scaled back to the speed of the internet at the camera site. So this is way some of the new high def streams are smaller and less clear, but they always stream much faster from about 1 frame per second to 15 frames per second. Also sound has been added to the stream.

There is a SMALL, LARGE, and new SUPER button provided for High Definition Webcams that are of better quality then the old models from ten years ago. Some of these cameras can be programmed to be viewed even larger. With the larger views there is more taxation on the camera internet site. These views require JAVA to run, you may get firewall window popup you will have to accept and say yes to see the live view.

All the views will auto terminate after a period of time to reduce internet demand on the cameras and streams, and reduce the cost of the high speed streaming. We have to pay for the new high speed streams dependent on the number of viewers and how long they request access.

Then TIME LAPSE button has been migrated from the old site developed by Ned Lucks over 10 years ago. The button will load the last 24 hours of pictures taken from the camera, and allow you to select you to enter your own time ranges if they are available on the server. You can stop and start, forward and reverse, adjust the speed of the player with the control buttons under the picture.

There is a WEATHER LINK for the camera site, I like NOAA as my weather engine and have linked to that site.

There is a PHOTO GALLARY available of pictures in Colorado and close to Colorado like Lake Powell.

There is a button for CURRENT I70 CDOT which will take a current snapshot of every CDOT camera from Denver to the Colorado Border along I70. I glance at this page when driving up to Glenwood Springs and check how bad the mountain passes are and get an idea of what to expect. All these images are produced by CDOT and you will find links to all the live cameras by following the links on this page.


12/30/2015  Update

Serving live free webcam views for over 13 Years.
New for 2016 Over 60 Cameras Serving up Live Webcam in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho.
We have updated all cameras now to High Definition.
Cameras on the network now are Generation 1 Graphic with sound, Generation 2 graphic with sound, Generation 3 Graphic with no sound.
All cameras on our network are productions from Absolute Computer Design and its partners.
We have added new features to the Live Stream Viewing this year.  A DVR function on all live streams.
You can slide the Time bar to look up to 3 hours back.
You can start and stop the stream now using the Play and Stop button on the Live View Control Panel.
Currently you will have to use a Screen Capture tool to capture the current view, we are working on some kind of download, because it’s a video stream it difficult to pull that off.
If you click the bottom Right live view square it will go to full screen stream.
Jackson Hole Wyoming Cameras and Colorado Cameras use a different streaming technology, so there may be some difference in function.


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CALL 970.928.7477 to place an ads or cameras at your site.
Popular cameras get 75,000 stream requests served per camera annually. 1/2 Million annual live feeds served in 2014.
Wed Developers: Access to the Current Image IS PERMITTED as long as a link is provided back to
Direct access to the IP of any camera is not permitted except with the prior written permission from Absolute Computer Design.
High Speed streams cannot be deployed on foreign domains except with the prior written permission from Absolute Computer Design.
Contact with questions.